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About Us

Sail Tribe Clothing

Human beings like to belong, help one another, share experiences and dreams, be part of a community, with common experiences. It doesn't matter whether you're a dinghy or keel boat racer, a cruiser, or an off shore racing ninja - we are all part of the Sail Tribe! 

We're a business that has a clear vision of creating a brand of shoreside clothing for every sailor that's stylish, comfortable, good for the planet, and identifies us as part of the Sail Tribe.

We design stylish clothing that it a bit more "edgy" and unique, appealing to a broad set of sailors from 15 to 95.

About Mike and Jane

As sailors we've raced a Topper Buzz (14ft asymmetric Skiff) around the UK and in the world championships, we've raced and cruised off-shore including across the Atlantic, and around the Mediterranean, Northern and Western France, plus the beautiful coastline of the south coast of England.  

Environmental Ethos 

We are as passionate about the planet as well as sailing. We hate waste and we don't want to hold stock items of clothing; we don't want to be any part of fast fashion waste

Some shocking statistics about Fast Fashion Waste

  • Of the 100 billion garments produced each year, 92 million tonnes end up in landfills.
  • Dyeing and finishing – the processes by which colour and other chemicals are applied to fabrics – are responsible for 3% of global CO2 emissions as well as over 20% of global water pollution.

  • 2.6 million Tonnes of returned clothes ended up in Landfills in 2020 in the US alone. Most of the items returned to retailers from consumers end up in landfill. This is mainly because it costs more to the company to put them back in circulation than to get rid of them.


For this reason, we are a Print on Demand Online brand, providing exciting, stylish clothing at the highest possible service to our customers. Our packaging is eco friendly and 100% plastic-free.

Each order is customised to each customer in terms of style, colour and size.  

This means that:
  • Delivery times may be a little longer than other brands that stock items.
  • We encourage you to look at the sizing carefully so as to minimise the risk of an incorrect size hence triggering a return. (If in the rare situation the product is faulty we will of course replace it.) 
  • We all do our bit to help protect the planet.
We hope you enjoy the clothing that we design and print in the UK. We are really happy to hear any comments and suggestions that will bring together the Sail Tribe, and enhance our range of clothing. 


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