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Sail Tribe Clothing brand and design philosophy

Ahoy there, fellow sailors. 

Sail Tribe Team

Sailing t-shirts have long been a staple for those of us who love the open water, race sports boats or dinghies. Wearing a uniquely designed Sailing T shirt not only showcases our passion for sailing but also serves as a reminder of the freedom, adventure, and camaraderie...being part of the Sail Tribe. 

Sailing-inspired designs will always remain the foundation of our brand, but we aim to also add a delightful mix of classic and contemporary styles. Modern interpretations that blend abstract patterns, vibrant colours, and subtle geometric shapes. A great example is broken text designs which has starting to trend in 2023, and different patterns using sailing imagery or yacht graphics. 

A key collection for us is tribal which takes inspiration from the rich relationship between Polynesia and the sea. Each element of the design in our tribal collection of sailing T shirts and sailing hoodies has a special meaning, linking the imagery with sailors ... the sail tribe.   

It's all about capturing the spirit of adventure and celebrating the beauty of the open sea in fresh and exciting ways.

What about the colours? Well, soothing blues dominate our collections with crisp whites also in the mix, we also like energetic pops of red, orange and a touch of Ochre. We want to offer shades will bring a touch of maritime magic to your wardrobe, instantly transporting you to the sunlit decks of a sailboat, or party time on shore. 

Question: Why are there no sailing T shirts or sailing hoodies in green? Call me a superstitious old sea dog, but green is considered unlucky and taboo for sailors and fishermen. 

Now, let's talk about fit. In recent years, there has been a shift toward more tailored and flattering cuts, and our "go to" sailing t-shirts, are a medium fit for men and more relaxed for women. This gives customers options for either a more streamlined silhouette, or a more loose and relaxed style!

For women, we have a range of women's fit garments that look great and have a subtle designs that have been considered carefully for women. Sailing hoodies are generally a looser fit and both men and women. We selected our premium hoodies as they are super soft, top quality and lovely and warm. Whatever your choice, we encourage you to look at the sizing charts as we are print on demand business, we don't like to carry stock and potentially add to any fast fashion waste

Our planet deserves better than to have fast fashion waste dumped on it. Our future depends on us taking responsibility. We print on demand to ensure we play our part to not burden our planet.

What dominates are thinking in sourcing our garments for customers is are they ethically produced, are they organic cotton (where possible we use GOTS certified organic cotton). Also where possible do they use recycled materials...It's heartening to know that we can sail the seas while also protecting them.

So, there you have it, folks. Our sailing t-shirts and sailing hoodies are a delightful blend of functionality, style, and sustainability. Whether you're a sailing aficionado or simply appreciate a touch of nautical flair in your wardrobe, these shirts are a must-have for the fashion-forward water enthusiasts out there.

Remember, while sailing t-shirts may not be an essential item, they are a fantastic way to express your love for the sea and showcase your personal style. So, set sail, explore the world, and do it all while looking effortlessly stylish in your sailing t-shirt.

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